Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not sure what my style is..

I don't have a particual type, the key is that we hit it off and take it from there. I am looking for a man who has his act together: career, health, social life and finances. Traits I do look for are assertiveness, honesty, openess, responsibility, intelligence and athleticism. Must be a non-smoker and must not be a back seat banger. I am intelligent, fun, honest, loyal, practical and financially stable. I'm an awesome combo of girlie and tough. I'm not your typical female in the sense that it doesn't take me hours to look glam and I'm punctual. I stay fit by going to the gym regularly. I've played a lot of sports over the years. I've done some traveling of the 'back-packing / youth hostel' type. I love almost all foods = I'm a a great dinner date. I prefer to meet in person. Luvs/Interests: Getting my hair done, Starbucks, Cosmos, cooking, art, photography, stained glass, traveling, movies (mainstream and foreign), thunderstorms, etc....

Monday, March 10, 2008

My first try at this....

let's giv'er a try. I am looking to have some fun, meet some new people, and see where things go from there. I think it is kind of hard to put down in black & white what I am looking for in a man - ok, open, honest, etc, etc - but we all want that. I think you know it when you meet the person, it is there or it isn't.

So about me - I like to be outside, either hiking or walking, or strolling on the beach enjoying the sunshine. I like to make dinner for friends, hanging out on the deck. In my view, life is for having fun, making the most of a moment and spending time with people you want to be with. Otherwise what is the point?

I have lots to keep me busy, working, life at home, working in the garden, playing with the dog and hanging out with my teenager and her friends (yes I said teenager!).

So I guess that is about it in a nut shell - so you feel like making life a little more interesting?